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Environmental Research with Dr. Adam Smith, USC

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to public health and the environment. With the spread and evolution of antibiotic resistance, healthcare costs have risen, stronger diseases have emerged, and mortality rates have increased. Wastewater treatment plants, which rely on bacterial activity and act as gateways to the environment, are believed to be hotbeds for antibiotic

LearnGreen — An environmental education app for everyone

There are so many environmental issues plaguing our world today ranging from plasticulture to overfishing to even pesticide drift. In a world of chaos and problems springing up left and right, it’s hard to pick one to focus on and tackle; but this past year, I found the issue that I wanted to tackle most:

Exeter Composting Initiative

Initial Goals This initiative sought to address the lack of awareness among students about composting, as well as decrease the percentage of Exeter’s food waste that goes to the landfill. We, as in Bea, Molly, Harrison, and I, initially planned to develop a system of maintaining compost bins in every dorm and emptying them reliably

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