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Environmental Research with Dr. Adam Smith, USC

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to public health and the environment. With the spread and evolution of antibiotic resistance, healthcare costs have risen, stronger diseases have emerged, and mortality rates have increased. Wastewater treatment plants, which rely on bacterial activity and act as gateways to the environment, are believed to be hotbeds for antibiotic

Diversity in the Venture Capital and Startup Ecosystem

Case Study (PDF Download): Diversity Case Study LP Game (Word Download): LP Game For my course — REL597: Silicon Valley Ethics: Case Studies in the World of High Tech — I researched and developed a concise case study that explored diversity in the venture capital and startup ecosystem. I was assisted by the former Managing

Engineering Summer Academy at Penn (ESAP) Nanotechnology Research

At the Engineering Summer Academy at Penn (ESAP), I learned a lot about nanofabrication and was exposed to photolithography, soft lithography, film deposition, etching, and bonding through hands-on research projects on Quantum Dots, Microletters, and Microfluidics. Research Posters: Quantum Dots Poster Microletters Poster Microfluidics Poster Short ESAP Video: https://youtu.be/bOzgGZYQxxE Long ESAP Video: https://youtu.be/-jZCn_7VOpA

School Participatory Action Research Collaborative (SPARC)

Conducted research with UPenn Graduate School of Education concerning the effects of self-identity and ‘burden of representation’ on student comfort and confidence around round-table discussions as well as the effects of social identities on shaping student experience of leadership. Interviewed and assessed numerous key focus groups and individuals Analyzed qualitative data using open and axial

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