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2016 — Present


Back in 2016, my brother and I discovered a growing interest in drones and RC vehicles. His fascination was due to his aspirations to be a pilot whereas my fascination stemmed from my love for videomaking.

The more we researched and delved into drones and other RC vehicles, the more we discovered a lack of accessible, quality RC vehicle parts and accessories. So, we sought to fill in that gap in the market by becoming a supplier ourselves.

By providing the quickest shipping and best customer service, we gradually made our way to the top of the eBay marketplace in our niche and expanded constantly. By our second year, we had 500+ active listings and 400+ monthly transactions. I personally added hundreds of listings and resolved hundreds of customer questions and issues. By assessing the quality of our products continually and guaranteeing satisfied customers, I enabled our business to achieve eBay’s Top-Rated Seller status and a 99.99% positive feedback rating. Outside of customer service and logistical work, I analyzed market interest and estimated the profit margins of potential listings and helped maintain a constant flow of inventory

Through this venture, I learned my fair share of sourcing, marketing, customer service, and problem resolution. Now that I study on the East Coast and my brother is finally a pilot, we’ve decreased the scale of our daily operations; though, I still manage customer service and sourcing regularly!

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