Exeter STEM Day


Exeter STEM Day


2019 — Present



As the main organizers of the first-ever STEM Day at Phillips Exeter Academy, VERTEX Robotics — my FTC Robotics Team (#15534) — first had this idea when we saw a lack of school emphasis on STEM subjects. Not only were there very few opportunities on campus for STEM students to present their own individual projects, but there were are also no major events dedicated to STEM areas and technology. Back then we wondered if there are entrepreneurship competitions, debate, and mock trial, why can’t we have a specific day where students can explore and also share their interests. With the ideology of sharing is caring, the lack of these activities did not make us sit there and complain. Instead, we saw it as a fantastic opportunity to challenge ourselves and be the ones to start the initiative.

The first Exeter STEM Day, occurring in early 2019, had an assortment of events and activities. We had the STEM Forum where we invited wonderful professors, such as Professor Cahoy from MIT, Professor Chandran from UNH, and Professor Shah from Harvard, to speak about their research and experience in STEM. We had the Tech Faire where individuals and clubs presented a variety of projects, such as the MATTER magazine — Exeter’s premier magazine about science and technology. And lastly, we had an assortment of STEM Challenges and Competitions, such as a USACO Challenge and an Integration Bee.

The second Exeter STEM Day, scheduled for late March, was sadly canceled due to COVID-19.

Exeter STEM Day Overview (PDF Download): 2019 PEA STEM Day Overview

Exonian Article: https://theexonian.net/life/2019/01/31/students-host-exeters-first-stem-day