Operation Christmas — A Processing Game


Operation Christmas


Fall of 2019



Operation Christmas

Just the final project for CSC405: Algorithms & Software. My group and I wanted to make a survival game as our experience in Processing would work well in that particular area. Here’s the rough, but final end result. It’s a game, controlled by your keyboard and mouse, where the player (playing as Santa) battles continuous waves of grinches that have increasing numbers and speed. Hope you enjoy!

Getting Started

You would need Processing 3.5.3 or higher, although older versions should usually work.

  1. Start your computer
  2. Go to https://processing.org/download/ and download the most optimal version of the software
  3. Once downloaded, create a new project on Processing and download the zip file from the Github repository
  4. Drag all the files from the zip file into the new project folder, or into the Processing screen itself
  5. Download the Sound and Minim libraries in Processing
  6. Run the project and enjoy

Built With

  • Processing


As the player, you’ll be controlling Santa via keyboard and mouse. The WASD keys on the keyboard will control the movement of Santa with ‘W’ designated as upward movement, ‘A’ designated as leftward movement, ‘S’ designated as downward movement, and ‘D’ designated as rightward movement. The mouse will control the aim and the left mouse click will control the shooting; every left mouse click will shoot a projectile, given sufficient ammo.

As a bonus skill, holding down ‘Q’ will activate slow-motion. It is imperative to note that holding down ‘Q’ will deplete your energy. Once your energy is depleted, slow-motion will automatically deactivate. However, energy does replenish over time.


You get one ‘money’ for every Grinch eliminated. With the money, you can upgrade your player speed or bullet size, or replenish your health. Pressing ‘E’ with at least 30 money will grant you full health. Pressing ‘F’ with at least 10 money will upgrade your bullet size. Pressing ‘R’ with at least 10 money will upgrade player speed.

It is imperative to note that each time you upgrade, it will upgrade that specific upgrade with all your money. For example, if you have 25 money and you press ‘F’ to upgrade bullet size, it’ll upgrade bullet size twice and return you 5 money. This feature makes quick decision-making essential to the game, as you must continuously keep track of your money and your desired upgrades.


  • Joseph Chen
  • Eric Obukhanich
  • Nathan Zhou

Release History

  • 0.1.0
    • The first proper release