Notifi — The smart availability light for an interruption-free workspace




Summer of 2020


Over the summer of 2020, I attended the Management and Technology Summer Institute hosted by the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerome Fisher Program. There, I worked with a team to build Notifi — the smart availability light for an interruption-free workspace — in less than two weeks. I specifically worked as a Product Designer and focused mainly on product design and the user experience as well as mobile app development, product video, and website development. Please take a moment to look at the Product Video as it does a brilliant job explaining and pitching our prototype and idea.

Notifi is a smart device that attaches to the door of your room or office and warns others of your availability status (busy, available, or away) with an LED light and a digital display. It is an integrated solution to prevent disruptions from family members, coworkers, and roommates during meetings, calls, working hours, and personal time. With more members inhabiting people’s learning and working spaces in the remote-learning and working-from-home environment, these disruptions have become prominent sources of frustration. Notifi is the first smart availability indicator to sync with both your virtual calendars and video conferencing programs to automatically light up red and utilize a LCD screen to clearly display when you are busy. If individuals need to enter a user’s room during busy hours, they can press Notifi’s silent doorbell to send a mobile notification to the user to allow them to prepare accordingly. By reducing interruptions, Notifi increases the user’s productivity, enhances their enjoyment of personal time, and maintains their privacy. 

Executive Summary (PDF Download): Executive Summary – Notifi

Notifi Product Video: