LearnGreen — An environmental education app for everyone




Summer of 2020 — Present

There are so many environmental issues plaguing our world today ranging from plasticulture to overfishing to even pesticide drift. In a world of chaos and problems springing up left and right, it’s hard to pick one to focus on and tackle; but this past year, I found the issue that I wanted to tackle most: environmental illiteracy — a paramount obstacle to environmental change that is hardly addressed. 

The question I still ponder is whether you need to be educated to care and I don’t think you do; but from what I’ve gathered from surveys, conversations, and research papers is that having more environmental awareness and education often leads to more positive behavior and attitude towards the environment which includes practicing more eco-friendly and sustainable habits. Even if it doesn’t lead to environmentally friendly behavior change, I still think that it’s ever so important to be educated and knowledgeable about the environmental crisis we find ourselves in today

As a result, I’ve been working on LearnGreen, an environmental literacy mobile app to bring environmental education to the masses. Users are able to receive “acorns” for completing the bite-sized learning modules and redeem the acorns for gift-cards to environmentally-conscious businesses or donations to environmentally-focused non-profits or initiatives. By further gamifying the learning experience via friendly leaderboards and engaging design, I hope to make environmental education more accessible and fun to all. 

Figma Project Link: https://www.figma.com/file/0bWuAJYYI7AqCbEI8h0wi4/LearnGreen-Design?node-id=0%3A1