HackBFS — A Blockchain-Focused Hackathon




2020 — Present



HackBFS is one of the first introductory blockchain-focused hackathons open to high school and college students. For 24 hours, students will learn about ways to integrate blockchain into their applications, hacking away at challenges, and building applications that integrate those services. We plan to host workshops leading up to the hackathon, allowing participants to immerse themselves in blockchain before building their projects.

In our continued commitment and support for diversity, we plan to offer travel reimbursements for students who are not located in NYC. We also plan to set funds aside specifically for hackers whose backgrounds are commonly underrepresented in the tech industry, in addition to low-income students.

Our hope is that students will walk away with a deeper knowledge of blockchain as well as firsthand experience on how to use the technology. We also hope that the projects created at this hackathon will blossom and continue even after B4H 2020 is over.

I worked specifically within the outreach and logistics team to find sponsors, source swag, and ensure budget adherence. During the hackathon, I’ll be working as an in-person staff member and mentor for high-school teams. However, due to complications caused by the surge of cases of COVID-19 in NYC, the 2020 HackBFS is postponed.