Connexeter Android App




Winter of 2019



My friend and I wanted to make a comprehensive app for our school that will have all the necessary information and features that a student would need on a daily basis.

Built With

  • Android Studio


  • To-do Tab
    • In the to-do tab, students are able to input different assignments and tasks. Primarily designed to be used as a homework to-do list, it can also function as a place to store shopping lists, daily reminders, and more! Simply input the task into the textbox, then press add. To mark as complete, simply tap the task on the list and it’ll resolve itself with a little message “Task Completed”.

    Image of To-Do-Tab

  • OLS Tab
    • In the OLS tab, students are able to input what class they have for each format. Then, after inputting the information, students are able to view their class schedule for each day of the week. Since Exeter has a different schedule every day and every week, this feature should be extremely useful as students no longer need to navigate to the online OLS page to check their daily schedule!

    Image of OLS Tab Formatting Image of OLS Tab Schedule

  • Events Tab
    • In the events tab, students are able to view upcoming school events, such as dances, assemblies, and more! They will also get a notification 30-min before selected events so that they won’t forget to attend.

    Image of Event-Tab


  • Joseph Chen
  • Dylan Shen

Release History

  • 0.1.0
    • The first proper release