Joseph’s Custom Computer Shop


Joseph's Custom Computer Shop


2016 — 2018


Pre-built computers that most people buy are grossly overpriced and filled with unoptimized components that limit the rest of the interacting components. Self-built computers can have up to twice the performance per dollar. In addition, there is so much potentially reusable e-waste these days with computer parts being thrown out or left in the basements/warehouse.

What I did: 

I first took apart my own computer out of curiosity and had to learn how to put everything back together. Then, I built my first computer sourcing parts from local computer parts through Craigslist and Offerup, which I then sold to a family friend. Thr0ugh the same online marketplaces, I began to build computers for college students and PC enthusiasts in the area and advised customers through various types of budgets and needs. I didn’t want to make much profit as building computers was a fun hobby and I wanted to make custom computers as financially-friendly as possible for the community. 


Within the two years, I had built over 36 custom computer rigs for local clients using both new components and used components sourced locally to reduce e-waste in the community.

Some notable builds included using a wooden case and even a cardboard case!