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Joseph Chen

About Me

I'm all about tech, sustainability, and entrepreneurship! In my free time, I love working on pet projects (shown below!), playing volleyball, and making videos about my life.

tl;dr Clean-tech and tech ethics enthusiast. Co-founder @PinkAvo & @FinLit. Business intern @2020Capital. Your +1 for any volleyball meet-up. 📍(Boston/LA)

Skills and Interests

Joseph Chen

App Development

Languages/Frameworks: Java, Dart, Swift; Flutter, React Native

Joseph Chen

Web Development

Languages/Frameworks: Javascript, Python; Bootstrap, Vue.js, Google Firebase

Joseph Chen

Filmmaking and Video Production

Software: Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, and Sony Vegas Pro 13

Joseph Chen

Environmental Sustainability

Passionate about sustainability in tech and business

What I'm Up to Currently

  • Organizing the 2nd Annual Emerging Entrepreneurs Initiative Conference and the 2021 Phillips Exeter STEM Day
  • Organizing 2020 HackExeter and the 2020 BFSHacks
  • Leading Exeter Business Club, Social Innovative Thinking for Entrepreneurs, and E-Proctors
  • Overseeing a campus-wide dorm composting initiative
  • Developing an educational app for Learn Green
  • Learning through TheOdinProject and Elements of AI
  • Business & Research Intern @2020 Capital Inc.
  • Writer for TheLemonadeStand, a high-school entrepreneurship blog

What I've Done

  • Co-organized the first Annual BrownXPEA Emerging Entrepreneurs Initiative Conference and Pitch Competition
  • Led the Students of the Year Project with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Co-founded PinkAvo and FinLit
  • Conducted a year-long research with SPARC focused on identity at the Harkness table and its impact on students’ learning experience
  • Won the fifth straight championships for Exeter’s Varsity Volleyball
  • Semi-finalist for Harvard Pre-Collegiate Economics Competition
  • Successfully started a computer-building business and two eBay businesses

Contact Me

Contact info

  • Arcadia, CA
  • Phillips Exeter Academy
  • jchenexeter@gmail.com
  • https://josephchen.tech/
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